You may require to cancel your order. For this, you need to contact support via this portal. We have a no questions asked policy in such a scenario and will process your refund with cancellation fees.

The order cancellation charges are due to forward and reverse Payment Gateway usage fees and forward and reverse shipping charges. We are explaining the different scenarios and their cancellation fees as applicable below:

  1. Orders in the processing stages, i.e. ‘Unfulfilled’ or ‘Ready to be dispatched’, will invite cancellation charges of 5% of the total order value. 

  2. Once the order is ‘Picked up’, cancellation charges of 5% plus the forward and reverse shipping charges will be applicable. Refund will only be processed once we receive the product at our location.

If there’s an issue at our end with dispatching the complete or partial order as requested, we shall not charge any cancellation charges from the customer. 

HatchnHack Solutions Pvt Ltd reserves the right to take the final decision on all refund requests.